Kolbe Word of the Day



Yes, there are rules defining the usage of the words of the day, but they are quite simple.

Rule 1: The word must be used in the period specified.

i.e the word for period 3 must be used in period 3.

Rule 2: The word must be spoken directly to a teacher, in full view and hearing range of the class and the teacher.

i.e. You cannot mutter the word of the day so that no one can hear it.

Rule 3: The word must be used within a contextual sentence.

i.e. you cannot for example say: If the issue were to flies (Word of the day)... sorry arise...

Rule 4: You cannot structure a conversation with the expressed purpose of bringing up the word of the day, it must be spontaneous.

i.e. You cannot start a conversation about flatulence, so that you can use the word diarrhea (word of the day).

Rule 5: You may not let any teachers know about word of the day.

Seriously, just don't.